Mojave Snowbird Trip – Tank Bridge

So, not having found the bridge I needed to make one more attempt, we took a rest day to recover from walking on all those rocks then set off in search of the mystery bridge. We drove the little road stopping at the place calculated to be closest to the canyon with the bridge, at that point I realised the bridge wasn’t marked on the map I had, but I thought I remembered it well enough.

We wandered across some flat land, avoided cholla gardens and crossed a couple of small hills before coming to the main canyon entrance.

Tank Bridge

This canyon looked narrower and more overgrown than the last two, and had a troll guarding it just upstream.

Tank Bridge

Once again we were presented with a series of tanks.

Tank Bridge Tank Bridge Tank Bridge Tank Bridge Tank Bridge

Eventually we reached a side canyon off the main canyon where the bridge was supposed to be, just a little up on the left.

Tank Bridge

Right at the entrance was a tank with a pouroff that required some climbing around, I assume this is Arch Tank.

Tank Bridge

The side canyon also had many tanks,

Tank Bridge

and some impressive vegetation. We walked and scrambled all the way up the side canyon but there was no sign of a bridge, there did appear to be a shelf on the left side of the canyon so perhaps it was hidden behind that, we bravely climbed the steep loose side of the canyon.

Tank Bridge

and found an arch or bridge, but it’s only 6″ tall. If this is Tank Bridge some cartographer needs to die a slow painful death.

Tank Bridge

We wandered about all over the ridge above the side canyon but there didn’t appear to be another way down than the way we came up, Biff doesn’t like backtracking and wanted to climb the canyon walls.

Tank Bridge Tank Bridge

Just a trickle of water feeds the tanks in the main canyon.

Tank Bridge

So back to camp without finding the bridge, studying the original map it seems maybe the bridge was closer to the entrance of the side canyon above the tank with the pouroff but that area had steep tall walls, another expedition will need to be mounted in the future..

This night was our last on King Road, time to start heading north. It was a nice spot but with limited and somewhat uncomfortable hiking options with all the rocks and cholla.

Published by Bob Palin

Englishman in the wilds of Utah

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