Near Pettit Lake, Idaho

Pettit Lake, Idaho

Once again I find myself camped at Pettit Lake in Idaho, my fourth annual visit to the lake. I camped one night just outside the forest service campground waiting for a space to become available.

Near Pettit Lake

Behind The Caravan was a small hill with good views up and down the Salmon River

Near Pettit Lake
Near Pettit Lake

From the top of the little hill there was also a good view of the valley that leads to Alice Lake, Pettit Lake is over a small rise behind the trees in the middle of the picture

Near Pettit Lake

All three of my favourite sites were available in the morning so I took the same space as last year, even though it is a little difficult to get into. This space has the benefit of being surrounded by trees where the other two are more open. It also has a great place to put my new ‘bug and sun shelter’.

Near Pettit Lake

The skies were a bit dark and right around sunset it started raining and went on for about three hours. It turns out that Biff is afraid of the sound of rain on the tent so we were forced to retire to The Caravan, to me it sounds the same in there but he doesn’t care at all. He isn’t sure of the tent in any case, perhaps he doesn’t like the feeling that he can be watched through the mesh, silly dog.

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