Cabin Creek Lakes, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

I woke a little earlier, in time to stroll down to the lake just as the sun hit the far shore, I think this is my favourite picture I’ve taken of Pettit lake. After a flat 6 mile walk along Alturas Creek yesterday it was time for something more challenging, the Alturas Creek trail isContinue reading “Cabin Creek Lakes, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho”

Snowy Walk with Biff on Sand Creek

It was a lovely snowy day for a walk, no wind and 34F. I enjoyed it so much that we walked 6.8 miles rather than our usual 4.4 mile loop. The cliffs appeared and disappeared as snow clouds drifted across the Velvet Ridge The Giant Red Monster made a brief appearance (not Biff, the cliff!)Continue reading “Snowy Walk with Biff on Sand Creek”

Mojave Snowbird Trip – The Journey Home

Finally it was time to start heading north to colder climes. The first stop was only 75 miles north in Parker Arizona, or actually in Earp, California just across the river. I bought a new patio mat in Parker at a very useful RV store, BIff seemed to enjoy his new “grass”. The next dayContinue reading “Mojave Snowbird Trip – The Journey Home”

Mojave Snowbird Trip – Tank Bridge

So, not having found the bridge I needed to make one more attempt, we took a rest day to recover from walking on all those rocks then set off in search of the mystery bridge. We drove the little road stopping at the place calculated to be closest to the canyon with the bridge, atContinue reading “Mojave Snowbird Trip – Tank Bridge”

Mojave Snowbird Trip – Horse Tanks

The maps I’m looking at have a bridge marked up a canyon near where I have been the last two days, near the base of the canyon there is also a notation of some Horse Tanks. I though these would be man made tanks like those for cattle, but not at all! I drove rightContinue reading “Mojave Snowbird Trip – Horse Tanks”

Mojave Snowbird Trip – Tank Arch

I am camped on King Road which continues up the hill from my site and through a gap in the mountains to the east, I had to see where it went. As I drove through the gap I happened to look over at exactly the right moment to see a tiny arch high on theContinue reading “Mojave Snowbird Trip – Tank Arch”

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